Undergrounding Power Lines

Meter Base


(or Handholes)

Our Storm Protection Plan identifies and prioritizes overhead lines that will see the biggest improvement in reliability after extreme weather events. Currently, 十大网赌靠谱网址平台约50%的输电线都在地下, 主要是在新建区域, 哪些是由开发者支付的. Our goal is to have up to 75 - 100 targeted overhead lines converted to underground every year.

十大国际老虎机平台确定需要地下的目标架空线路时, we begin a comprehensive outreach process to work cooperatively with property owners and neighborhoods on a plan to underground those portions of the circuit.


  1. Evaluation: 一种数据驱动的过程,用于识别最容易中断的架空线路.
  2. Design: A proposed route for new underground lines and an assessment of the current meter base to identify if a meter base adapter is needed.
  3. Meter Base Adapters 可能需要增加,以便你们的电流表可以接受地下电缆. 十大国际老虎机平台的团队将与您一起为您的家确定最好的仪表基座适配器. 大小和配置可能有所不同.
  4. Easements: 十大国际老虎机平台将在拟议的地下路线沿线取得必要的地役权. 这提供了在路线上安装和维护设备的许可.
  5. Scheduling and Site Preparation: 木桩和旗帜将标明建议的路线和设备的位置. 这些标记将显示现有的公共和私人地下设施.
  6. Construction: Cable will be installed using minimal impact directional-boring technology where possible, 变压器和/或底座(或把手孔)将被安装.
  7. Padmounted transformers 确保地下连接安全. 其位置最终由电力负荷和线路决定. 平均尺寸:40“宽x 36”深x 34“高.
  8. Pedestals (or Handholes) 也可用于可靠地延伸地下系统. 平均尺寸:23“宽x 15”深x 18“高.
  9. Conversion: To energize the new underground cable; there will be a scheduled outage and installation of a meter base adapter, if needed.
  10. Overhead Removal: 架空的电线将被拆除.
  11. Property Restoration: 一旦所有其他阶段完成, 十大国际老虎机平台的工作人员会在可能的地方拆除电线杆,并修复受损的财产

Underground Lines FAQ

A. No. The law requires utilities to outline a 10-year plan to strengthen our electric system to better withstand extreme weather events, to enhance customer reliability and to reduce customer outage times and restoration costs. 在地下安装某些电力线可能是该计划的一部分.

A. Today, 十大网赌靠谱网址平台大约50%的电线都在地下, 主要是在新建筑的区域,由开发商支付. The Public Service Commission requires utilities to provide power at the lowest possible cost to customers, 在大多数情况下,哪一个是架空结构.

A. Tampa Electric partnered with an independent engineering firm to perform an extensive analysis to identify each overhead line's vulnerability to extreme weather events. Then, 十大国际老虎机平台确定了将这些线路改为地下的成本和客户利益, 哪些有助于确定项目的优先顺序. 该计划要求每年将75 - 100英里的土地转为地下. Once a final assessment is made, 十大网赌靠谱网址平台将确定将在地下建设的区域和社区, and we will begin a comprehensive outreach process to work cooperatively with property owners and neighborhoods on a plan to underground those portions of the circuit. Circuits will be prioritized to ensure work – and customer benefits – occur simultaneously in each area.

A.Tampa Electric will contact you if your neighborhood will be affected by the storm protection plan this year. Tampa Electric has more than 6,000英里的架空电线, and our work will focus on the lines that can have the biggest improvement for reliability after extreme weather.

A. In the early phases of SPP, Tampa Electric will underground almost exclusively lateral lines serving homes and businesses in neighborhoods. Mainline overhead distribution "feeder" circuits bringing power to neighborhoods will be prioritized for separate hardening activities.

As an overview of our system; high-voltage power lines carry electricity from power stations to substations, 配电线路将电力输送给十大国际老虎机平台的客户. The largest of the distribution lines – primary or main feeder lines – carry power from substations to neighborhoods. 然后,横向线路将电力输送到社区、家庭和企业.

While the work to strengthen the system will include undergrounding in some neighborhoods, 服务于社区的线路可能仍在头顶.

A. Yes. The SPP improves system reliability and shortens the time for restoring service to all customers following extreme weather events. As a result, all customers will benefit from the SPP and share the costs of the program.

A. 所需的时间因项目而异. Property owners and neighborhood organizations will be advised what to expect as a project is planned and executed.

A. There will be a planned outage associated with the work in order to make the necessary connections. 业主将在预定停电前得到通知. An outage to make the final conversion from overhead service to underground is typically four hours or less.

A. Tampa Electric does not compensate customers for easements required for undergrounding. 如果十大国际老虎机平台不能获得必要的地役权或土地权利, 十大国际老虎机平台将寻找其他可行的解决方案.

A. 项目团队将与您会面,讨论拟议的项目计划和布局. 地下线路进入地面, 垫式变压器从下面安装, 保持内部和外部连接安全. The location of each pad-mounted transformer is determined by the electric load calculations and the route of the underground lines. We will adapt the meter base at the customer's home to accept cables from underground, using a meter-base adapter.

A. The focus of Tampa Electric's undergrounding projects in the SPP is to convert overhead electric power lines to underground that serve an area or neighborhood, 包括家庭和其他现有的电力服务, such as street lights.

A. 尽量减少对景观的破坏, 十大网赌靠谱网址平台计划使用定向钻井代替露天挖沟或挖掘. We will work with property owners as we determine the acceptable path for underground lines.

A. 尊重和恢复财产是重中之重. We work with our customers during and after construction to minimize impact and inconvenience. 在十大国际老虎机平台完成十大国际老虎机平台的工作后,十大网赌靠谱网址平台将修复所有损坏的财产.

A. 十大国际老虎机平台的一些电信合作伙伴也拥有其他公用事业公司的电线杆, including Tampa Electric, use. Tampa Electric will work with telecommunications and cable companies to explore installing their lines underground at the same time. Each project will be evaluated separately by the telecommunications and cable companies. If the telecommunications equipment remains overhead, the poles will need to remain in place. The project team leader can provide details about the status of the poles for each project area.

A. The use of electricity in our everyday lives creates electric and magnetic fields (EMF) near everything from power lines to your computer to your microwave. Studies by international and federal health and regulatory bodies have been conducted for decades and no conclusive evidence has linked low frequency EMF exposure to health issues. Tampa Electric's equipment complies with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection standards.